08/25/11 WOD

Nice job to Ed and Mackenzie and the many others that got their first rope climbs today.  Guess I need to buy more ropes!



1.  Bench Press (90% of 1RM)- 65% x 5, 75% x 5, 85% x 5

2.  For Time:


BW Bench Press

3/4 BW Squat Cleans


* this workout is basically “Linda” (aka 3 bars of death) without the 1.5 x BW Dead lift.  We already did some deads Tuesday, but if anyone missed that day fill free to add it to the workout today.  This is one of my favorite workouts (in a crossfit way) that I have ever done.  If anyone is going to do the true “Linda” it is:

1.5 x BW Dead lifts

BW Bench Press

3/4 BW Cleans (squat- so much funner)



08/24/11 WOD Results


Coming in the near future to CFTC are Power Lifting classes.  What is Powerlifting?

Powerlifting is a strength sport. It resembles the sport of Olympic weightlifting, as both disciplines involve lifting weights in three attempts. Powerlifting evolved from a sport known as ‘odd lifts’ which followed the same three attempt format but used a wide variety of events akin to Strongman events. Eventually odd lifts became standardized to the three events squat, bench press, and deadlift. They can compete raw or equipped (that is, with or without certain supportive equipment).

Cassidy will be one of our trainers here with us, check out his squat video, he is preping for the SoCal meet coming soon.  Good Luck Cassidy! (don’t mess with men with girl names)



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7 thoughts on “08/25/11 WOD

  1. Bring on the rope climbs.. still can’t believe I made it to the top. Thanks Stacey for being there to catch me if I fell.

  2. BIG Props to Rick this morning!!! First one to go all out and do “Linda”. Strong the entire way through, consistent, perfect form, never quit. Very cool to watch and like I said, you’ve inspired me to give it a shot tomorrow. Pray for me… it looked torturous.

    P.S. Nice job on the rope climbs you guys. One of many reasons we are here is to learn and try new things. In a nutshell, to find out what we’re capable of. You’ll never know until you try. Very cool!

    1. Brody – thanks again for sticking with me on my first date with Linda. It was a train wreck. I can’t see a second date with that evil b for awhile.

  3. Lindsay, great PL write-up. It was really nice to catch up with some of the trainers and meet some new faces at the CFTC games a couple weeks ago. I’m very excited to join the group of fine people you have assembled up there and look forward to learning from all of you. I hope I can offer as much to you as you will offer me. Thanks again.

  4. Mackenzie, Ed, and all others who rope climbed – props! Climbing the rope is fun and getting that first one is awesome!!!!! You can never go back to towel chins now. 🙂 Lindsay…. Yes! Buy more ropes! Rick – nice job!!! Way to step up and keep good form to boot. Cassidy – awesome video! We’ll love to have you train us, I know a lot of us really want to increase and improve our squats. See you soon!

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