Lordy, Lordy look who’s Forty!

Look who’s turning the big 40 today!  Happy Birthday Brody, you’re never to old for adult sized footy jammies!

The Big 40!

3 RFT:

40 Hang Squat Clean-95/65

40 Pull-ups

400m Run

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23 thoughts on “Lordy, Lordy look who’s Forty!

  1. Oh my this sounds like a workout that may take me all day!! I am very scared!!! I am so out of shape this one will be a real test for me!!

  2. Everyday I tell myself how lucky I am to be with someone as brave and strong as Brody. And this picture just proves it. Love you Bordy. Happy birthday!

  3. Son of a B*&%h! Alright look… That is not a Snuggy. That is a R.E.S.E.T (Rest Enhancing Sleep Encouraging Tool). Lots of guys have them! It’s not like I went out and special ordered that thing to fit me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to track down the individual responsible for submitting this photo to Lindsay.

    P.S. Thanks for the Bday wishes. I’ll see ya’ll tonight!

  4. LOL i love them! You guys are funny!! Happy Birthday! I hope you both have a wonderful, relaxing, picture perfect day 😉

  5. Wow… I don’t think that is Bordy on the couch… I think it’s Barney!! Where is Baby Bop? I often have been jealous of babies in their comfort clothes/sleepers and thought I would love to have a zippered one piece sleeper to romp in but…. Are those guinea pigs on the back/top of the couch? As for Curt… gorgeous cat and vintage sweater. Curt, you really have it going on. I will look at you differently now, knowing what class and taste you have. Happy Birthday to both of you and thanks for the giggles this morning. I don’t even care about the hard WOD. I will be thinking of the pictures the entire hour and and a half it takes me to do the WOD smiling all the way.

  6. Brody you were so sweet this night. You didn’t last 5 minutes after you warm glass of milk and cookies. I’ll never forget carrying you to bed that night. It’s the small things that make it all worth it.

  7. Oh Brody… So warm and snuggly with your two brave mascots sleeping above you, Kitty and Charles. I do remember this night as well. You were sucking your thumb so sweetly, then you spit out your thumb and drooled on the couch…. 🙂 I hope this birthday is as magical as your RESET.

  8. Pretty sure Ojavan is going to want that picture for their next ad campain, Body. Curt, I’d love to make some smartaleck comment….but I am speechless, and THAT doesn’t happen very often. Happy Birthday, you guys!

  9. Brody and Curt….WOW…WOW…and WOW….hope your birthdays have been great! PS sweeeeet picts for sure. Curt, yours is TOTALLY mantel worthy and Brody..well..ummm…does Ojivan have any sleepy time tea???

  10. Tonights wod’s music selection for the 6pm class must have been selected as a companion piece to go with Brody’s R.E.S.E.T (aka Footie Jammies) and after making it through that wonderful beast, I know both Aaron and I will be sleeping very well tonight!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRODY and CURT!!

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