09/06/10 WOD


In team of 2 you will complete,

2 Rounds for time of:

50 Deadlifts- 275m/155w

50 Box Jumps- 24″

50 Wall Ball- 20m/14w (10ft)

50 Ring Push-ups

50 Box Jumps

50 Wall Ball

50 Squat Cleans- 135m/95w


Mobility WOD– Aug 25th post

Posted on: September 5, 2010admin

5 thoughts on “09/06/10 WOD

  1. Sometimes I like to rate the difficulty of a WOD as I’m leaving.

    CrossFit Cough= Intense!

    Feeling like I need to chug the entire bottle of fish oil= Pretty damn hard!

    Ears plug up during the WOD and for 30 minutes after= Destroyer & I may not make it to my car.

    I may have felt a little of all three today…

  2. Brody, I wish I could disagree But I can not… I have been on Ice and pain killers all day. I have asked multiple people to kill me but no takers. I have prayed for forgiveness to all those I have hurt in my life in exchange for relief, none received.

    I don’t want to whine but I am…….. Poor Dominic

    Degree of Suffering 11 of 10

    See you Tomorrow

  3. Hey Curtis,

    Hope your back feels better. Sorry my ancient “Viking Back Jolt” didn’t work for you. Always works for me when my back seizes up on deadlifts.

    Heal well,


  4. Walt – sorry I am reading this so late. I would have loved to put you out of your misery. Just kidding mate – you were a monster. Maybe we are slow but we get stuff done. Cheers – cya tomorrow.

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