09/08/10 WOD

We are slowly whittling away at all of the benchmark workouts.  We have saved a few of the best for last.  Warning, you may feel like Travis during today’s workout.



800 Meter Run

30 KB Swings

30 Pull-ups


*Since this workout is one of the toughest of the benchmarks, we will have three levels to choose from.

Level 1

3 Rounds

KB weight- 35m/26w


Level II

5 Rounds

KB weight- 53m/35w


Level III- as Rx’ed on Main site

5 Rounds

KB Weight- 70m/53w


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09/07/10 WOD Results

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11 thoughts on “09/08/10 WOD

  1. Wow!!!, lol, you poor suckers! I think the wods have gotten way harder since I have not been able to come 🙂 Cant wait to come back and die 🙂

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