09/09/10 WOD

Happy Birthday to the coolest cat I know!



Clean- 5 sets of 1 rep; rest 1 min. (if all sucessful take up as high as possible)



For time:


Anchored Sit-ups

Scissor Kicks

Leg Raises


MOBILITY WOD– Aug 29th post


09/09/10 WOD Results

Posted on: September 8, 2010admin

26 thoughts on “09/09/10 WOD

  1. Super Cool Neon Coat $ 79.00 Bright Neon Yellow Snow Pants $ 49.00
    Brighter Neon Scott Gloves $ 29.99 First Edition Snow Board ( matches Coat/gloves/pants exactly) $ 159.00 All Day / All Area Ski Pass $ 25.00

    Head O Hair $$$$$ $$$$$$$$$ ………….. Priceless

    Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!!

  2. WHAT?! I still can’t even tell thats you Lindsay! There was no missin YOU on the mountain, yikes! Happy Birthday. I hope you feel appreciated and celebrated today.

  3. I had to look at that for a loooonnnng time to actually see Lindsay in the picture. I’m surprised snowboards and neon were popular at the same time! Wow.
    Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for all you do, you are much appreciated 🙂

  4. Lindsay,
    you must have been a bad a$$ back then too, to be from Morgan and brave enough to sport that hair dew and those pants AT THE SAME TIME!!!

    Thanks for putting in the time, effort & energy to help make US better!

    Here’s to the next 12 months!


  5. Get out! I totally had the same coat, but my pants are purple!! 1992 right? Thank you for everything. You are amazing and you have helped so many people. You have LITERALLY helped my WHOLE family. Thank you for the T-Shirts in the morning, nothing like an obscene t-shirt stretched to its max to get me through a WOD. Before CrossFit I couldn’t cross the monkey bars, do a boy push up and I thought Eminem was vulgar….now I can appreciate his rage! Happy Birthday my Friend!

  6. Thanks to everyone for your kind words. I love to come to work everyday and watch all of you push through the pain and accomplish things you never thought possible. Thanks
    again. P.S. I will hold nothing back anymore if you have an embarrasing picture I will find it and you will be put on the website. Justin, remember lake mead? cant wait until your birthday!

  7. Glad to finally know whos birthday it is. I honestly didnt know if that was a boy or a girl in that picture. WOW! Now I KNOW crossfit really works! Thanks for everything and Happy Birthday Lindsay.

  8. Best embarassing picture yet! Happy Birthday Lindsay and thank you for all you do for my family and especially for letting me be a part of crossfit!

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