09/09/11 WOD

Happy Birthday James!  You didn’t think we forgot about you did you?  How could we forget someone with nuts as good as yours.  If you have never had the chance to have some of James’s paleo approved nuts, you must give them a try.  Salty yet sweet, man your nuts are good!


1.  Back Squat (90% of 1RM)- 75% x 5, 85%x 3, 95% x 1

2.  “DR. RUDE”

2 Rounds for time of:

Row 500 m

35 SDHP- 95m/65w

75 Squats



09/08/11 WOD Results




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8 thoughts on “09/09/11 WOD

  1. Happy birthday James… Hey isn’t it Lindsays birthday friday… Maybe we should make a WOD up for him!! You are the best Linds.. Happy birthday to you both!

  2. Happy B-Day James! And yes, it is Lindsay’s B-Day today – Julie, do your duty and get us a good photo! Happy B-day buddy – thanks for all you do! Crossfit has changed so many people’s lives thanks to you! Have a great one!

  3. Happy Birthday James and Lindsay! Here is my idea for Lindsay’s birthday WOD. I accidentally went to bootcamp today. At 6:00 a.m., instead of crossfit people working out in our area, there were bootcamp people there. They were using crossfit equipment “not quite right.” If we did the workout right, it would be a good one. Or, this could be a Sat workout. Here it is: Three rounds at each station (six stations) and then run four laps between each station. Station 1: 15 wall balls, 15 db snatch (they did band bicep curls)
    Station 2: 15 pull ups, 15 box jumps
    Station 3: 15 thrusters w/ light bar, 10 burpees
    Station 4: 15 slam balls, 15 inverted rows
    Station 5: 20 lunges with light bar on back, 20 SDHP ( they did 1/2 plyo lunges and lateral raises)
    Station 6: 20 back squats, 20 hang power cleans ( they did 1/2 jumping squats and bicep curls)

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