09/14/11 WOD

It’s that time of the year again, time to celebrate another birthday crossfit style.  Can you guess from the picture above who’s birthday we are going to celebrate?  Yes, I used to have hair but all the years wearing a football helmet rubbed it right off.  I could post the birthday WOD so everyone could look at it and then decide if they are going to come today or not, but I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on this workout.  So here are some pictures of what you might see when you come today:

Here are some things you might want to bring:

Long Socks

Jump Rope


Big Girl/Boy Pants




09/13/11 WOD Results


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2 thoughts on “09/14/11 WOD

  1. Happy Birthday Lindsay (yes, we know it’s already passed us by, but since we are doing your birthday WOD today, our wishes are perfectly timed.) When we first started this crazy thing called crossfit, who knew that 2 years later we would still be showing up multiple times a week to get our *fill in blank* handed to us time and time again, and walk away each time thanking you (well, sometimes we curse you, but you forgive us, right?!). It is seriously a sickness, but one we are glad to have. Thanks for all the hard work, time and motivation you put into creating each and every workout we do – it is making us better and stronger and we thank you for it (most of the time) 🙂

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