09/19/12 WOD

Happy Late Birthday to Autumn!  Got to love all the old pics.

Strong work this past weekend by Brody on a 4th place finish at the Operation IronwodRx.



A.  15 min to establish a 1RM 3 Position Snatch (floor, hang, hi-hang); rest as needed.


For Time:


75 Power Snatches- 75/55


ENDURANCE- meet at 9am in the CF area.


09/18/12 WOD Results


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5 thoughts on “09/19/12 WOD

  1. Happy birthday autumn!! Lovin the pic! Ba ha ha that’s karma for sending Lindsay that one of charity’s legs! Thing is… You look amazing anyway. You suck!! Love ya!

  2. Happy Birthday Autumn!!! Now on a side note to all the people I bragged about my husband climbing a 40 ft rope, it was only 30 ft, still very cool. I guess everything looks much larger to hobbits. 🙂

  3. Geez, you look different!! Older forsure haha! Happy birthday!!!! And ps mindi no one new it was my legs until you posted that, so thanks:)!!!

  4. Will be tailgating at the WSU game Saturday with some fine Buffalo Wings. We will be in the NE parking lot so stop by the RV, say Hi and try some wings. Hope to hook up with The Hammer clan for a big setup.

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