09/22/10 WOD






5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats

*Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes.  Your goal is to do every round (5,10,15) within the minute and complete 30 total rounds.  If you do not complete a round within the minute you will sit out 1 round.  You can jump back in when the next round starts again.  Good luck!


MOBILITY WOD– 09/09/10 post


09/21/10 WOD Results

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11 thoughts on “09/22/10 WOD

  1. Although I always have some of the worst results of the day, the Wednesday Benchmark days are quickly becoming my favorite day. (Or maybe I just like Wednesday because it is also Free pie day at Village Inn. ) I’m actually looking forward to doing these all over again so I can beat all of my results. I think I need to go see a shrink, there’s definitely something wrong with me………

  2. Why am I just now hearing about “free pie day”? Good work to all you 5:00a.m.’rs. Seems like nobody should train as hard as we do that early in the morning. Yet day in and day out, I’m impressed to see all those same people there bright and early giving it their all. I only have that kind of dedication once, maybe twice a week. Now if Lindsay would add an espresso machine to his equipment, I would be there every morning.

  3. Rowdy…Not only did you kick Chelsea’s butt this morning… but you gave up your very reachable pull-up bar for a 10 footer that made her that much B&#$%- ier!! Very classy thing to do for someone who needed the short bar.
    That’s why I love Crossfit…6:00 a.m. er’s ROCK!!!

  4. Wanted to give a shout out to Stacie F. today. Completed all 30 rounds and was Rx everything- Full Squat everytime, Chest to Floor Push-ups everytime. It was impressive.

  5. HAAAA HAAAA ! YES!! It’s about time someone cracked a boob joke! My turn!

    While eating some MELONS at lunch, I decided to check the site for any TIT bit of information that might help my training. Of course I found great info, but I didn’t get too far into the article before I heard the microwave chime. I thought to myself, “looks like my chicken BREAST is done”. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into it. Eventually I read on and saw that “Chelsea” was today’s WOD. I just knew that pull up RACK was going to rip my hands apart. Honestly it will look like a butcher took a meat CLEAVAGE… I mean cleaver to my hands. Well, as my friend Candie says, “no sense in being a BOOB about it”.

  6. I’ve gotta give props to Joni today. She did PERFECT range of motion on EVERYTHING! And in the CrossFit world, if you don’t have full range of motion, it doesn’t matter how many rounds you did. Good job Joni!

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