09/25/10 WOD

Good luck to all the teams going up to the Dirty Dash today.  Here is link to a little video of all the fun the teams will have.  Check it out here  Dirty Dash.  As for all of you left behind, we will get down and dirty with a brutal workout of our own!


In teams of two you will complete,

For Time:

50 Walking Lunges

40 Pull-ups

100 Box Jumps-20″ (no stepping)

40 Double Unders

50 Ring Dips

40 Bastards (burpee w/ jumping knee tuck)

60 Push Press- 95m/65w

60 Sit-ups

40 Hang Squat Cleans-95m/65w

50 Back Extensions

60 Wall Balls- 20m/14w

Run 3 laps


09/24/10 WOD Results

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