09/29/10 WOD

 We will be meeting in the crossfit area in the morning.  The child care will be closed for one more day, so find a babysitter.  We will still try and do Benchmark Wednesday.




Deadlift- 225m/155w


*Rx’ed handstand push-ups are head to the floor everytime.  We have several different ways to scale the hanstand push-up, so don’t be afraid and come and test your skills.


MOBILITY WOD– 09/13/10 post



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7 thoughts on “09/29/10 WOD

  1. Not afraid, just cannot go upside down any longer. My balance has been off since last Thursday when I did them. I wish I could figure out a way to fix it but this is one thing I will have to live with all my life! I also am a little ticked I ran so much on Monday! JK thanks Lindsay for all you do!

  2. Hey Lindsay, i think the daycare being closed is putting a cramp in everyones style. Especially mine!!!!! I haven’t been able to crossfit this whole week. It is KILLING me!!! Hopefully the rest of the week will be packed with all of us moms who haven’t been able to get our fix. P.S. good job to everyone who did the dirty dash. That was the FUNNEST race I have ever done!!!!

  3. I had some plumbing to do. Garbage disposal finely kicked the bucket 2 days ago and there was a nasty funk coming from that thing. A 20 minute job turned into a hour and a half. Oh, and the pee trap exploded in my face… Pretty nasty!

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