10/08/10 WOD

One day Walt hopes to be as strong as Anabell.


Front Squat- 5 sets of 3 reps, build to a heavy 3 reps; rest as needed b/t sets.


3 Rounds for time of:

9 Thrusters- 115m/85w

20 yd Bear Crawl

7 Slam Balls- 30m/20w

MOBILITY WOD– 09/19/10 post

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8 thoughts on “10/08/10 WOD

  1. I forgot to post the mobility wod last night and Scot reminded me in the 7am class. So I ran in here after the 7am to post it. Check it out, its a good one. We will be doing these stretches a lot in the pose running. When you are learning pose the heel cord as he puts it, gets very sore!

  2. Alright, here’s a question for y’all that I should probably post in the forums but I’m not sure if anyone ever reads it. So I need some advice. I’ve talked to different people and read comments about different supplements, protein, vitamins, recovery etc that you’re taking and from what I can tell, you’re spending hundreds a month on that stuff. What advice do you have for someone who is more frugal (dirt poor) but still wants to get the same effects?
    I think I can get the protein I need from eggs or peanut butter and save a ton of money. Also from different articles I’ve read, lowfat chocolate milk is as good of a recovery drink as anything on the market. If you only have money to buy some of the products, what would be the most important? I’m thinking omega 3s and maybe protein? Are there other ways to get to get the omega 3s other than the pills or eating fish each day?
    Also, Brody told me that he injects horse urine into his system before any of the benchmark or hero WODs. But he said that by the time he chases his neighbors horse around with a bucket, that there’s only enough urine for one syringe. Does anyone have another horse by chance?

  3. Haha Scot!! Hey, you’re right as far as the omega 3’s and protein. I would say that those are probably the two most important supplements. However, peanut butter and eggs in large quantities are not a good option. I think the negative effects of eating enough eggs and peanut butter to get your desired protein requirements would far outweigh the positives. The cheapest protein I have seen is at Costco. It’s a 6 pound bag from Muscle Milk that costs about $28. As far as fish oil goes, there’s a few really good sources that a few of us utilize for high quality fish oil that’s also very inexpensive. I’ll get ya some more info on that later. I’ve also put a topic on the Discussion Board under Nutrition that only a few of us have commented on so far, but it goes through some of the supplements and meals that we are currently trying.

    My two cents. Hope that helps.

  4. Scott that was between you and I. Well now that my secrets out, let me give some words of advice. The key word Scott used is I INJECT horse urine. Be sure that you take it this way and this way only. I had to learn the hard way when I tried it in my protein shake first. Not good! Let’s just say “urine” for one hell of a bad after taste. More musky than refreshing.

  5. Thanks Eric, any advice helps.

    And let me add some advice to what Brody said. Make sure that it is HORSE urine. You can’t just get it from any animal. I also learned the hard way when I thought cow urine would work just as good. Ever since I started injecting that, I’ve gained 100 lbs and I’ve started lactating.

  6. Scot, please dont get all your protein from peanut butter and eggs. omega 3’s in high doeses are what I take. And be sure that you dont just drink all your protein as many lean meats as possible is better. Come and talk to me I have some suggestions for you.

  7. I am laughing so hard and I threw my back out today, so its awkward! Cry me a river Scott….gaining 100# and lactating is being the same thing as being pregnant—every time!!

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