10/13/11 WOD

Happy Birthday Keylee!  This ones of you..


A.  Shoulder Press- 3 x 3 @ 80%

B.  AMRAP in 20 min of:

10 DB/KB Hang Power Snatch (each arm)

15 Knees to Elbow

20 DB/KB Walking Goblet Lunges (each arm)

*use 20% of BW for weight.


10/12/11 WOD Results


REMINDER- Wanted to remind all you females of Erica’s shower today (Thursday night).  The address is:

5252 S. 1200 E. South Ogden

It will be held at the Keyes home, all crossfitter’s are welcome.

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9 thoughts on “10/13/11 WOD

  1. Happy Birthday sweety! Yes, I wimped out and was a nice husband by not posting a really embarassing photo (man have I got a good one – do earmuffs ring a bell!). I knew if I posted that picture I would not get the chance to try out the new buffalo head, new 9-iron, and bucket of ice chips I bought for tonight’s chicka-wa-wa! Love you SO much sweetheart – love working out with you each day; love the wonderful mother you are to our children, and I still love to make you laugh each day! Love you and have a very special day!

  2. Justin, could you share with us what the buffalo head, 9-iron and bucket of ice is used for? My wife’s birthday is coming up!

    1. Lindsay, I would love to share, but I never share my moves and props. Plus, I just don’t think you and Julie could handle that kind of wild-dirty-crazy-jungle-love!

  3. No doubt Justin…. Curiosity is peaked!

    Keylee I still remember your first visit to CF. 🙂 Now look attcha. Born & bread Crossfitter. You’re a tough chick, I love working with ya. You’re so positive, hardworking & I must say, you & Justin are an inspiration. You come do your own workout, but you come and go together and obviously love each other very much. Thanks for being so awesome.

    Happy Birthday… & many more.

  4. Keylee i hope you had a wonderful day!! I love when i get to workout with you!! ..and i totally second Bittys post, you and Justin are adorable, keep it up! 🙂

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