10/15/13 WOD

lower squats

Keep this in mind when you are doing the workout for today!


A.  7 x 3 Split Jerk- build over the coarse of seven sets, heavier then last week; rest as needed.

B.  Stable Bar Dips- 3 x max reps; rest 60 sec b/t sets

C.  “Sally”

Come and you will see!

Level I- 45/33
Level II- 95/65

D.  Accumulate 3 minutes in plank position on Rings

*each time you break perform 25 sit-ups before starting again.



A.  15 min to establish a 2RM Pause Clean + Jerk (pause below knee, 2 cleans + 1 jerk)

B.  3 x 3 Pause Clean & Jerk @ 90% of part A.

C. ” Sally”-135/95

Come and you will see! its only about 3 minutes and 28 seconds long of pure pain!

D1.  3 x max reps T2B; rest 45 sec.

D2.  3 x 15 Reverse Hypers- heavy as possible; rest 45 sec.

D3.  3 x 20 KB Russian Twist-35/26; rest 45 sec.


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2 thoughts on “10/15/13 WOD

  1. Oh no! I’m well aware of the “Sally” experience. Was kind of hoping you weren’t. So much for that. Bring your Oly shoes if you got’em!

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