10/17/11 WOD

Crossfit Endurance Starts Today at 6am. Class will meet in the spin room today at 6am sharp, please get there early to set yourself up on a bike. Here is the Crossfit Endurance Schedule:

Monday- 6am Bike

Tues- 5pm Run

Wed- 9am Run

Thurs- 6am Run/6pm Bike

Fri- 6am Bike

*For those of you not sure how to incorporate Crossfit Endurance in your schedule, Autumn will be going over how to most effectively add to your busy schedule.


A. Snatch- build to a heavy 1 rep.

B. Clean Grip Dead lift- build from weight you finished on from snatch and build to a heavy 1 rep.


(There will be two levels today, there will be no scaling of level II)

Level I

For Time:

30 Presses- (push press or jerk)- 95m/65w

10 Box Jumps- 24m/20w

Run 1,085 m (7 laps)

20 Press- (increase load) 115m/85w

20 Box Jumps

Run 1,085 (7 laps)

10 Press- 135m/95w

30 Box Jumps

Level II

For Time:


10 Box Jumps- 36″/30″ (add plates to box for height)

Row 1K


20 Box Jumps

Row 1k


30 Box Jumps

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