10/21/13 WOD

Why do these….

Cause so much of this?


A. 3 sets of:

8-10 Toes through Rings

30 Double unders

2-3 Strict HSPU

*notes- cannot do strict HSPU, do negatives- start from top lower slowly down to head, kick back up to lock out.

B. 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Deadlift

C. 3 sets of:

6 ground to overhead- LI-95/65, LII- 135/85

12 box jump-24/20

24 KBS-53/35

50 double unders (scale-125 singles)

*rest 3 minutes b/t rounds


A. 3 sets of (not for time)

10-15 T2B

40 Double Unders

3-5 Strict HSPU

B. 6 sets of:
Halting snatch Deadlift+ hi-hang snatch+ snatch- heaviest possible; rest 2 min

C. 3 sets of :

6 ground to overhead-165/105

12 box jumps-24/20

24 KBS-53/35

50 double unders

*rest 3 minutes b/t sets

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