10/2/13 WOD

ELk hunt

Only Crossfit can prepare you for this!


A.  7 x 2 Power Clean @80% of 1RM (5% higher then last week); rest 45 sec. b/t sets

B.  3 x 10 HBBS- all three sets should be between 65-70% of your 1RM; rest 2 min b/t sets

C1.  5 x 155m Farmers Carry (1 lap)- as heavy as possible (don’t even think about picking up those 26lb KB’s); rest 30 sec.

C2.  5 x 20 GHD Sit-ups; rest 30 sec.


A.  EMOM for 10 min

3 Power Snatch- build over the coarse of 10 sets, last 2-3 sets should be heavy.

B1.  5 x 5 Close Grip Bench Press- heavy as possible; rest 90 sec.

B2.  5 x 15/12 T2B; rest 90 sec.

C1.  3 x 10/8 Weighted Dips (stable bar); rest 90 sec.

C2.  3 x 20/15 GHD Sit-ups; rest 90 sec.

D.  3 sets of:

60 sec Row Sprint

60 sec Active Recovery- keep flywheel spinning

*notes- the two numbers after the sets ex. 15/12 is men and women’s reps.


10/1/13 WOD Results


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