10/22/11 WOD

One of our own Parker C. graduating from the Navy’s basic training.  Now on to the real fun BUDS Prep!  Good luck Parker.



In honor of Parker, this workout will be a walk in the park compared to what he will go through in the next couple of weeks.

In teams of two you will complete for time:

1000 m Row

100 Burpees

100 Pull-ups

75 Hand Release Push-ups

75 KBS- 53/35

50 Dips

50 4-count Mtn. Climbers

25 Dive Bombers

25 Junk Yard Dogs

620 m Sandbag Carry-80m/40w


10/21/11 WOD Results


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9 thoughts on “10/22/11 WOD

  1. Thanks Mile for the good Job! Additionally, thanks for the after work-out “Colon cleansing” lesson. I think maybe next time Groupon Advertises I will get you a Christmas gift.

  2. Had 4 people meet pukie today, not sure if I should be proud or that was to much. John maybe next time don’t pair up with Kris P. She is a beast.

  3. Wow thanks all you guys that means so much to me! I consider all of you my family and I can’t wait to see you over Christmas. Put out everyday, CFTC for life. P.S. Go Navy

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