10/29/10 WOD

It’s never to late for an embarrassing photo!  I was supposed to post this on Tyson birthday months ago but forgot.  Here ya go Tyson, have a great day.



AMRAP in 20 min of:

10 Push Press-115m/75w

10 KB Swings- 53m/35w

10 Weight Overhead Walking Lunges- 45m/25w


MOBILITY WOD-10/05/10 post


10/28/10 WOD Results

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7 thoughts on “10/29/10 WOD

  1. Now that is a tricky Mullet to maintain. Sculpting the top half requires the perfect moose or styling gel. Then of course for the back, you can only use “Soul Glow”.

  2. Skinny, hair, and a baby face. Who is that kid?
    No Soul Glow, no Jerry Curl, all natural baby.
    Gotta love those senior pics from the 80’s.

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