10/29/11 WOD


This workout will be done in honor of all that delicious and not good for you chocolate candy, just because they are small that doesn’t mean you can eat one…good luck with that!


“Because you can’t resist all that chocolate”

In teams of 2 you will complete;


see you there!

Remember Crossfit Lite will start Tuesday November 1st. If you have anyone that has been interested in crossfit but is hesitant for some reason, fear no more, anyone can do it! Please be sure to spread the word and have them sign-up as soon as possible. The class schedule is a tenative schedule depending on how many people we get to come, we may add or drop depending on enrollment.

Mon- 9am/5pm

Tues- 6am/9am

Wed- 5pm

Thurs- 6am/9am


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