10/30/13 WOD

Just because I know we have a few cowboys fans.


A. Run 400m (3 laps) @80-85%

*rest 3 min

Run 800m (5 laps) @85-90%

*rest 3 min

Run 400m (3 laps) @100%

*rest 3 min, then…

B. EMOM for 12 minutes

Even minute- 30m Prowler Push (15m high bar/ 15m low bar)- 180lbs (4 plates) men / 90lbs (2 plates) women

Odd minute- 10 T2B

*rest 5 minutes, then…

C. For time



Ring dips


Notes- function group scale the movements as needed. Drive group should be able to Rx ALL MOVEMENTS! 10 min cut-off on part C.

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One thought on “10/30/13 WOD

  1. Because of all the complaints and nobody was making the time limits. The workout has changed a little for the evening classes.

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