10/7/13 WOD



Thank you to everyone that showed up for your support for the Joni benefit workout…800m hill runs were awesome!


A.  3 sets (not for time)

3-5 Strict Pull-ups


3 Lock-off Pull-ups- chin over bar, slow 5 sec descent, jump chin back over bar.

30 sec. Nose to Wall Holds

15 V-ups

B.  7 x 3 Deadlifts- build over the coarse of seven sets, last two sets should be near maximal (not touch and go); rest as needed.

C1.  3 x 15 Reverse Hypers- heavy as possible.

C2.  BB Russian Twist x max reps- as many unbroken as possible, continue past three sets until you have reached 100 reps.

D.  For Total Reps

2:00 ME Double Unders

then (no rest)

3:00 ME Wall Balls-20/14 (10’/8′)

*Rest 2 min

3:00 ME KBS- LI- 35/26, LII-53/35

then (no rest)

2:00 min ME Double Unders

*notes- quick 3-5 minute cool down stretch after (do not neglect your flexibility, I see very little people actually doing this after their workout!)


3 sets (not for time)

5- 8 Strict Pull-ups

45-60 sec Nose to Wall Holds

30 sec L-sits

B.  5 attempts to work to a Max Snatch

C.  EMOM for 5 min- 1 Snatch @ 90% of B.

D1.  3 x 5 Halting Snatch Grip Deadlift (3 sec pause at knee); rest 60 sec.

D2.  3 x 5 Non Heaving Drop Snatch- rest 60 sec.

E.  For Total Reps of:

2:00 ME Double Unders

then (no rest)

3:00 ME Wall Balls-20/15 (10’/9′)

*Rest 2 min

3:00 ME KBS-53/35

then (no rest)

2:00 ME Double Unders

*notes- quick 3-5 min cool down stretch after, some of you need this very bad, don’t make me call you out…Dirk, Brock, Steve to name a few! ops!


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