11/08/11 WOD

Practicing your handstand walks??


A.  Back Squat- 3,3,2,2,1; building to a heavy single; rest 3 min

B.  Clean- 2,2,2,2; build to a heavy double; rest 3 min

C.  1-10 Thruster Ladder For Time- 135m/95w (scale weight as needed)


11/07/11 WOD Results


CROSSFIT ENDURANCE- 5pm, bring your running shoes.


Kids Crossfit Starts today at 4pm there is still room if you have a child that would love to burn some energy!


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5 thoughts on “11/08/11 WOD

  1. Honk!!!! Whoever thought today wouldn’t be hard so they didn’t cut… You were wrong. So tuff!!! Thanks Linds you are the best trainer!!!!

  2. I’m with Kevin great programming Linds these past few weeks have been great. Loved last week and this week is looking awesome too.

  3. Honk!!! My fingertips are the only part of my body not hurting..o.. nevermind, now they hurt too. Thanks Lindsay. You are the best/worst person i know 🙂

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