11/09/10 WOD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN! This one’s for you.



Snatch Balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1;  rest as needed b/t sets



For Time:



Ring Dips

Toes to Bar


finish with:

800 Meter Run


MOBILITY WOD– 10/11/10 post


11/08/10 WOD Results

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7 thoughts on “11/09/10 WOD

  1. Hey Ben, Happy Birthday Wod Killa!! You are truly amazing! I love how every workout you give it all you’ve got…..keep up the strong work!

  2. Happy B-Day Ben! Hope it is a good one! If you ever need some dirt on Joni, just ask me! Wait, then she would give you even more dirt on me (tons more!). Never mind, bad idea.

  3. Thanks everybody. You all make me a better person cause I’m always trying to keep up with somebody. So I have to eat right and take care of my body if I want to chase cris or brody or gary or joni or scott or chase or bitty or atumm or !!!! Thanks crossfiters. And thanks lindsy for testing and pushing me. YOU make me a better person/crossfiter.

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