11/10/11 O-Lifting


A.  Snatch – Build to a tough double in a few sets

B.  Snatch Balance – Build to a tough single – rest as needed


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Can I do This???

Tommy Hackenbruck

Tommy Hackenbruck Fitness Elevated 2011 Comp


Yes You Can!

We just hammered out all of the programming for the competition today.  Well, all of it except for the final WOD which is a total mystery even to us!!!  We have some great news for all of you who aren’t sure if you are ready for this competition.  We have cracked the code, the biggest mystery in the history of CrossFit.  We have figured out how to find the fittest people without incorporating Single Leg Triple Unders and Muscle-Ups with a 60lb weight vest on.  Here’s the low-down on the competition.

We believe that if you can do the Grace Workout RX’d then you can do the entire competition RX’s.  Even better news, if you cannot do Grace RX’d and a kipping pull-up then you can scale 2 workouts and do the rest of the competition RX’d.  So here’s the checklist of movements to let you know if you are capable of throwing down with CrossFitters from all over the state.

1. Can I put 155 lbs over my head?  95 lbs for the ladies.
2. Can I do a kipping pull-up?

If you answered yes to both of those we have supreme confidence that you can do the whole thing.  So SIGN UP quickly before you change your mind!  If you can’t do one or both of those movements then you can still scale one or two workouts, it will still be a blast and you enjoy the competition even more because you will be doing movements and weights that are appropriate for you!

Okay, you’re still unsure whether you should trust us or not.  It’s okay, we understand.  We are after all CrossFit coaches and we do ask people to do the impossible on a daily basis 😉  Here’s a more detailed checklist of movements that you should have down before December 9-10.
1. Rope Climb- with feet, without feet, or on a knotted rope.  All will be allowed and there is only 1 Rope climb the whole weekend.
2. Climb over a 4 ft. Wall
3. Double Unders- Singles will be allowed but if you can do doubles it will benefit you.
4. Burpees- don’t try to say you cannot do burpees, we know you are a LIAR
5. Overhead Squat- any weight, just make sure you can do one.  It’s not a bad idea to practice these anyway, they’re great for you.
6. Tire Flip- we will have larger and smaller tires, if you cannot flip the large one you will do more reps with a smaller one but there is no penalty just more reps.
7. Kettlebell Swing- Men 53 lbs or 24 kg, Women 35 lbs or 16kg.
8. Pull-ups – if you can do 3-5 in a row you will be in good shape.  If only 1 at a time you will struggle a little but will still finish RX’d
9. Run- we have a track at the venue, we kinda have to use it
10. Clean and Jerk or Snatch 155lb/95lb- 15 total reps in the workout and you will still score RX’d if you don’t finish in the time limit.

That’s it.  There are some other movements but they are so easy we don’t feel they are necessary for the checklist.  If you have any questions at all with this stuff please call, email, or post a comment.  Our goal is to make this as fun as possible and part of that is keeping some of the workouts a suprise.  We will begin to announce them as the event approaches, but some elements will remain a mystery.

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