11/10/11 WOD

Brody with strong top 10 finish at Fitness Elevated Masters!



4 Rounds of:

4 TnG Power Snatch- challenge yourself w/ the load

5 Burpees

Sprint 155 m

*Walk/Rest 3 min b/t sets


Row Sprints- 30 sec @ max effort, pull as fast as possible x 3

* Rest 4:00 min

*score meters rowed/set


CROSSFIT ENDURANCE- 6am will meet in the pool!  The evening endurance class has been bumped back to 6:30 they will meet in the spin room.


11/09/11 WOD Results



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5 thoughts on “11/10/11 WOD

  1. Ah! Autumn, one of my clients just scheduled a very early conference call for tomorrow morning, so Keylee and I cannot make it to swim tomorrow. Dang! Although everyone will totally miss out on seeing me in my thong and arm floaties, we will have to catch you next time!

  2. Great WOD today! I’m loving the new programming the 100% effort, high intensity, interval days like today challenge the body in a completely different way than the regular metcons. Plus mixing in the strength days with the metcons. I think we are going to continue to see awesome improvements at CFCT. Great work Lindsay.

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