11/11/13 WOD


Thank you to all our Military Veterans, God bless America!


A.  Clean- 1 rep every 90 sec, build over the coarse of 10 sets.

B.  4 x 10 TnG Deadlift- add weight per set; rest 90 sec.

C.  For Time:


KB Front Squat- LI-35/26, LII-53/35

Burpee Box Jumps- 24/20

*notes- be sure to stick to rest intervals, turn it loose on part C.



A.  15 min to establish a max 3-position Snatch (floor, hang, hi-hang)

B1.  5 x 3 Snatch Pulls @ 115% of A; rest 30 sec.

B2.  5 x 15-20 Stable Bar Dips; rest 30 sec.

*notes- stick to rest intervals, dips should be unbroken.

C.  3 Rounds for time and reps of:

3:00 min to complete;

Row 500 m (all out, no pacing)

ME C2B Pull-ups in time remaining.

*rest 2 min after each round.


Class format- when you come to a class the first 5-10 minutes should be warm-up time, please don’t start lifting before coach has instructed the class and then start as a group.

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