11/12/10 WOD


“Burning Rings of Fire”

10 Ring Push-ups

10 Archer Push-ups

10 Wide Grip Ring Push-ups

10 Single Leg Ring Push-ups (5 @ leg)

10 Puesudo- Planche Ring Push-ups

10 Jack Knife Ring Push-ups

10 Dive Bomber Ring Push-ups

10 Elevated Ring Push-ups (5 @ side)

10 Ring Push-ups

(scaled- on the floor)

*Rest 3 min

GHD Sit-ups- 3 sets of 20 unbroken; rest 45 sec b/t sets



3 Rounds for Time of:

50 Meter Walking Lunge

100 Meter Standing Broad Jump

200 Meter Run


MOBILITY WOD– 10/17/10 post


Posted on: November 11, 2010admin

4 thoughts on “11/12/10 WOD

  1. I gotta say I miss you guys. I am out here in VA for a military school and I have been crushing these guys at the local CF gym everyday. I need all you studs at The Club to keep me honest and humble.
    CrossFit the Club has a great program, good people, and tough competition. I love it and I look forward to getting back and getting my ass kicked.

    I did PR my OHS today- 205 1x RM, and 195 3x RM.

  2. Nice job Bruce, see you back soon. Remember tomorrow the 8:30am crossfit it is free for anyone that wants to try it. I would encourage anyone that has been coming to crossfit to come to 7:30 or 9:30 wods, not as much teaching more doing! A little hit… I would wear something warm 🙂

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