1/1/14 WOD

Holidays are over it’s time to rededicate yourself to eating better!


5 sets of:

15 HR Push-ups

20 KB Goblet Squats

25 Sit-ups

20 Box Jumps-20″

15 Pull-ups

-rest 2 min b/t sets


A. 10 min to build to a heavy Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk

B1. 4 x 4 Deficit Clean pulls (45lb bumper)- heaviest possible; rest 60 sec.

B2. 4 x 4 Heaving Snatch Balance- medium/heavy, practice getting under quickly; rest 60 sec.

C. 5 rounds for distance, reps & cals of:

30 sec. ME AD for Cals

30 sec rest

30 sec ME Double KB Hang Clean & Jerk-53/35

30 sec rest

30 sec. ME 10m Shuttle Run

30 sec. Rest



A. 6 sets of:

2 Ring HSPU

2 Backward Roll to Handstand

45 sec. weighted Plank Holds

5 Taps working hips to rings

5 Ring Push-up to right arm out, then left arm out


Death by Bar Muscle-ups (weighted)

-first minute 1 muscle-up, second minute 2 muscle-ups, third minute 3 muscle-ups….continue until you can no longer complete the reps within the minute.

B. 5 sets of:

30 sec.ME AD Cals

30 sec. Rest

30 sec. ME KBS-70/53

30 sec. Rest

30 sec. Box Jump Overs-24/20

30 sec. Rest


Regular Thursday class schedule today. 6am Yoga 6,9am 10am Gymnastics, 4:15pm, 5:15pm Gymnastics, 6:15pm Olympic Lifting

Be sure to take advantage of the gymnastics classes and Olympic lifting. If in this new year your goal is to move up from function to drive or drive to strength. Then these classes will help you get there sooner and we all could use a little extra mobility so go to yoga!

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8 thoughts on “1/1/14 WOD

  1. Now it’s a new year I want people to use the blog to track progress since no one uses the white board anymore, it’s hard to see if progress is being made. So I will be the first to start out the new year.
    A. Gymnastics- done backward rolls felt more like a hippopotamus trying to roll over.
    Death by bar muscle ups= 7 rounds completed.
    B. Max Cals/reps= 239

  2. Gymnastics
    A.Ring HSPU’s felt good, haven’t done them in a while. Couldn’t do the backward rolls.
    8. Got to eight on the bar muscle ups. Haven’t done these forever either. I was happy with my performance.


    214 total reps. Did horrible on the airdyne –however, I had a great time and did the best that I could on this day. Thanks

  3. A. Gymnastics done
    MU- 10 reps into my 11 round
    B. Didnt do kb because of my hands. And didn’t write down numbers. But was doing about 15 box jumps and about 13 cal on airdyne a round
    PS sorry if your necks are sore tomorrow!

  4. Crossfit Yoga done.
    You should try it.
    Tried The backward rolls, pretty sure my neck hated those. Muscle ups not happening at all. Felt pretty cool being around those who could.
    5 rounds of
    30 sec AD, 30 sec KB clean jerk, 30 sec sprint

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