11/14/11 WOD


Alright everyone… In the past, we have done a couple charity events (WODs) as a fun way to show our support for GREAT causes. We’ve done Barbells 4 Boobs, and last years donation for the Battered Womens Shelter in Ogden. Both were exceptional turnouts and helped so many people. This year CFTC is supporting the Christmas Tree Jubilee in helping children with special needs in the schools. Several of our own CFTC family (Mindi Heywood Dixon, Larry Hansen, Rich Fiet… Just to name a few) have been involved for years now and this year CFTC would like to help in any way we can. CFTC is doing a WOD on Nov. 19th in support of this wonderful cause. We are asking for donations of $20 (or whatever you feel you can give), and to come join us for some down and dirty, CrossFit donation FUN! It’s all for fun and a good cause. More info to come and in the mean time, “Like” the Christmas Tree Jubilee fan page and check out their web site for more information on the foundation. Thank you all! http://foundation.weber.k12.ut.us/clear/index.php/christmas-tree-jubilee.html

The WOD or WOD’s will start on Saturday at 8:30am a good cause and some good old crossfit fun!



A.  Back Squat- 2,2,2,2 (add weight per set); rest 5 min

B.  10 Partner Med Ball GHD x 3; rest 1 min


AMRoundsAP in 12 min of:

AMRepsAP HSPU (to failure)

Run 310 m


Any guesses who this Birthday Girl is???

Any questions on how to run on a treadmill and watch TV with proper mechanics she can answer!  Happy Birthday _______!


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8 thoughts on “11/14/11 WOD

  1. I think it’s Stacie… Kellie says I’m wrong… Someone please tell me I’m right because I’ve talked a pretty big game here. If im right, Happy Birthday Stacie!

  2. Sherrie is right (sorry Brody!) – happy BDay Trudy from Keylee and I! We just love you and hope your day is special; and that you can forgive me one day for sending this picture to Lindsay! Sure nice to have neighbors that used to cheer with you and Dirk, and we’re great at keeping old photos!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRUDY!!! I KNEW it was you…hahaha. Hope you have a GREAT day! I’m sure Dirk will spoil you as usual 😀 !

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