11/15/10 WOD


Blake K (A.K.A Heff)  I know it sounds weird but I saw Curtis A. pulling Blake in this same wagon down the sidewalk the other day.

Eric L.  Friday night out at the movies with the Larsen Family (they still dress like that in Morgan)

For two birthday we need to make sure it’s a good one!  Nothing better then a “Hero” WOD.






10 Rounds for time of:

Run 155 meters (1 lap)

7 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

7 Front Squat


* Scale as needed, recommended scaling levels.

Level I

Scale rounds as needed

Banded Pull-ups



Level II

Regular Pull-ups

HSPU- Bands/ Ab Mats


Level III

Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Head to Floor HSPU



MOBILITY WOD- 11/18/10 post  ( please take the time and do some kind of mobility after the workout, you take the time to get your body in shape, now take care of it!)

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19 thoughts on “11/15/10 WOD

  1. Holy crap Lindsay, I thought I said to make it an easy one! 😉 Oh well, it’ll be cool to have my “born” and “died” dates the same on my tombstone. Happy Birthday Blake!

  2. Nothing like starting off a Monday with a “hero” wod….RIP Bulger.
    Heff, love the blonde curls and tube socks…
    Eric, WOW you have a hot wife…Happy Birthday guys!! Have a good one…

  3. Well it’s official, I have got to either exhibit some self control at Sunday dinner or just quit going all together. Especially if we have more Monday’s like this. Happy Birthday to the both of you! Let me know when you’re planning on going… maybe I’ll come back and watch you suffer through this. 🙂

  4. Lindsay,

    Can you give us a supplement run down. I am going to try the boom ,but after Saturdays class, I was beat—slept all day Sunday. I need something to give me some pop and i’m clueless as to what can help me.

    For any of you thinking of taking a braek from Xfit- THINK AGAIN- it’s harder to come back than the first time you started it. for serious !

  5. Nice job to Joni this morning, the only girl to do level 3 so far. Tina, as far as supplement the most impotant is diet, supplements are to supplement what you are already eating. Not a big fan of stimulatants, I dont need something else to get my heart racing crossfit does that already. The best advice I can give you is first- you have a 20min window to refuel your body after a workout, that kicks off the recovery process. Two drink at least 12 oz of water every 2 hours. Three stretch and do mobiltiy after a workout and everyday after that.

  6. Hey guys. Thank you for the concern and the help carrying me out. Completely ruptured achilles. Surgery to re attach tomorrow. I’ll be back soon. Crossfit will be my rehab.

  7. Happy B-day you two! I look forward to celebrating x-fit style. Mike, sorry about the bad news. You need anything……just send a post!

  8. Happy Birthday to you both! I can’t say i’m too sad to have missed this birthday wod! Mike, that stinks, good luck to a speedy recovery! Joni, you rock sister! 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday Eric and Blake!! You’re both amazing athletes!
    I’ve never wanted to quit in the middle of a WOD as much as I did today…that was brutal!! I had to remind myself “pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever”! Thanks for helping me finish 🙂

  10. Happy birthday you 2. That was rough today – but oh so satisfying afterwards. It was amazing to see how everybody was pushing their limits today.

    Mike – sorry to hear. Wish you the best with your surgery tomorrow and hope to see you back soon.

  11. Happy Birthday you two!

    Mike, all the best tomorrow, you will be in my thoughts. My family has a tradition of spitting three times over the left shoulder of someone who needs a little good karma…. I send it to you virtually. patuee, patuee, patuee….. best.

  12. thought I would throw a shout out to tall the 6 PM x-fitters that stayed and cheered me on as I struggled with the RX today. MIndi, Jana, Eric, Lindsey, and all the rest. I am avoiding your b-day next year Eric.

  13. For those of you wanting to attend the endurance running class on Saturday…I can’t promise something as dramatic to the end of the workout as last week, but it is worth checking out. Mike, you got into the 18th round of “Death by 10 Meters”, totally worth it! Can I borrow your shin skins while you are not there? hehe Thoughts are with you, thanks for coming to the class….

  14. Wow! That was one of the hardest workouts ever! Very rewarding though. Good job to everyone who even attempted this WOD.

    Mike, I hope everything goes well for you and you’re not out for too long. Good luck buddy!

    Blake B., Good job completing that Rx! That was not easy. Thanks for suffering through it with me.

    Everyone else, thanks you so so much for the birthday wishes! I’m so grateful to have such awesome people to associate with on a daily basis. You’re all awesome! Every day I love our CrossFit Club and everyone in it more and more. It’s an honor to sweat with you all! See you tomorrow.

  15. Lindsay thanks for the info. Never thought about the water, I am sure I never drink that much so I’ll focus on that and refueling within 20 min post workout. It’s a good start. Anything I can do oto gie me some pep… I felt like 105 on Sat and cute young 20 something blond girl as my partner somehow didin’t make things any easier …. it’s all your fault JeriLynn 🙂

    Yuck O on the achilles guy, that’s a tough one. Wish you the best but unlike Ms Sissi ‘s “patuee”, we throw salt over our shoulders and pray. I will do both for you to wish you a speedy Gonzoles recovery.

  16. Tina – I have been trying the Progenex Recovery and must say that this stuff is the real deal. You drink a shake post work out – it claims to replace depleted calcium levels in your muscles and help you recover in a matter of hours vs days. For me this worked from the very first day. It’s pricey – $65 for 30 portions -15% coupon but imo money well spent. http://www.progenex.com

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