11/18/10 WOD

Anyone up for a clean eating challenge through the holidays?



Power Clean/ Hang Squat Clean- 1,1 x 5; rest as needed b/t sets



5 Round for Max Reps of:

15 sec. Thrusters- 95m/65w

45 sec. Rest

15 sec. Box Jumps- 20″

45 sec. Rest

15 sec. Burpees

45 sec. Rest


MOBILITY WOD– 10/22/10 post


11/17/10 WOD Results


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11 thoughts on “11/18/10 WOD

  1. I am in for sure; I would love some motivation to not eat as much during the holiday. Now I just need my husband (Blake K. aka Hef) to agree as well!

  2. Ali, i thought you were taking part in MY challenge!?! Gain as much as you can until the baby comes then hit it hard this spring! Who’s in?

    Ok fine. I will be the cheerleader!

  3. That’s right Mindi. I forgot that I signed up for the “baby challenge”. Even though I am so not prego my gut would say otherwise. I haven’t deserted you girl!

  4. Brody’s right Mindi, you are an adorable pregnant girl! So cute! 🙂 As for Ali, there’s no gut in sight. You look phenomenal!

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