11/19/11 WOD


Happy Birthday to the man that made Crossfit The Club possible.  Happy Birthday Travis, he may not look like a guy that does crossfit in this pic but this man can jump out of a gym.



Today we will be doing a charity WOD for the Christmas Jubilee.  Please donate whatever money you can, all the money raised will be donated to a good cause, for more info on what your money will go towards click here. We will only be holding the 8:30 am class, so everyone come and cheer on each other and have some fun!  Here is a hint for the workout or workouts we will be doing, you won’t need a jump rope!

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12 thoughts on “11/19/11 WOD

  1. Today’s WOD was a blast!! My first month of Crossfit has recently passed and I am addicted. Thanks to all who make it great and fun! Happy Birthday Travis!

  2. Awesome event today, the workout(s) were very hard and taxed us all I think. Thanks Lindsay for hosting and thanks to Mindi, Rich, Julie and whomever else was involved with getting this all together.

    Thanks all.

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