11/22/13 WOD


Train them young!


A. 3 sets, not for time of:

Supinated pull-ups x 4-8 reps

V-ups x 15-20 reps

AD x 45 sec

B. 4 x 7/13 Front sq/ Back sq@70% of 1RM FS; rest 90 sec.

C. 8 sets of:

10 HR Push-ups

6 no push-up Burpee Box Overs-20″

12 KBS- 53/35

*notes- take 3-5 minute cool down stretch (shoulders)


A. 3 sets, not for time of:

Muscle-ups x 4-8 reps (practice time if you don’t have them yet)

L-sits x 15-20 sec.

AD x 45 sec.

B. HBBS- 1×5@70%, 3×4@80%; rest 2 min

C1. Front Squat- 1×5@60%, 1×5@65%, 2×5@70%; rest 60 sec.

C2. 4×8 Close Grip Bench Press- heavier then last week; rest 60 sec.

D. 10 min AMRAP of:

12 strict/kipping HSPU (strict until failure, then kipping)

30 BB Weighted Split Jumps-65/45

*notes- quick 3-5 min cool down stretch after.

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