11/23/11 WOD

Look how creative Travis is with his progenex recovery!  Try it it’s good!

-4-6oz of almond milk unsweetened.
-1-2 scoop recovery.
-10 ice cubes.
-1/4 cup of James nuts.
-blended until thick.


For Time:

Run 775 m (5 laps)

9 Clean & Jerks-155m/105w

Run 620 m (4 laps)

15 Clean & Jerks- 135m/85w

Run 465 m ( 3 laps)

21 Clean & Jerks- 115m/75w


CROSSFIT ENDURANCE- Meet in the swimming pool!  Sharks (advanced) meet at pool at 6am.  Guppies (beginners) be there at 6:20am.


Rest of week Schedule

Wednesday- 5,6,7,9,10am 4:15, 5:15.  There will be NO 6:15 class!

Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving!  If anyone is interested we will be meeting at the Ogden Regional @9am for the Turkey Trot.  We will meet on the right side of the starting line at the front.

Friday- 7am, 9am, and 4:15pm, 5:15pm

Saturday- 7:30, 8:30, 9:30




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