11/30/10 WOD

Walt has been so kind to offer his house for a Christmas party for all of us Crossfitters.  I expect everyone to come, there will be all sorts of fun to be had and games to be played.  I heard Walt gives good White Elephant gifts.  I’m most excited for the poker tourney, bring your money suckers!


Bench Press:  build to heavier loads

Resting 60 seconds b/t sets



Run 1550 meters (10 laps)

Rest 3 min

Run 1240 meters (8 laps)

Rest 2 min

Run 775 meters (5 laps)

Rest 1 min

Run 465 meters (3 laps)

*Your score will be the time for each run, then added all together. ( For example: 6:08, 4:30, 2:58, 1:20= 20:56)

MOBILITY WOD– 11/06/10 post


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12 thoughts on “11/30/10 WOD

  1. Anyone with foot pain and all you runners out there you need to watch the mobility wod it is the Nov 6th post. Check it out! Gary I’m talkin to you!

  2. So, the average person gains 5 lbs over the holidays. I like to think of myself as above average and I don’t like to procrastinate so I went ahead and gained 10 lbs last week.
    When does this next diet challenge start? I might be interested as long as:
    1- We don’t have to eat vegetables
    2- The McRib is on the list of required foods. Those things are bomblicious.

  3. Brook and I are SO SAD to miss the holiday party this year! And with the “no picture” rule we won’t even get to live it through the pics… 🙁 Walt, all I can say is you are one brave soul – good luck buddy!
    Lindsay, I am also anxious to start another challenge as I can’t seem to behave without some kind of incentive.

  4. Why do we have to have a challenge/ incentive for everyone to eat healthy? Here is your incentive your going to get fat! No, we are going to have one very soon just not sure if I want it before Christmas or on the new year.

  5. The threat of a big ass was no match for the red velvet sugar cookie I ate yesterday. Unfortunately I need a cash prize, or at the very least, public humiliation to make me behave!

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