1/16/14 WOD

Please return my balls! Checked in wife’s purse and they’re not there either, we need them back!


A. 5 min Row Warm-up @70%

B. 8 sets of:

Run 1 lap

Row 200m

30 Bear Crawl (15 down, 15 back)

30 sec Plank on Rings

3 Burpee Box Jumps-24/20

3 Strict Pull-ups

-rest 120 sec.

C. 5-10 minutes mobility work- lacrosse balls (if I had any more), bands, foam roll.



A. 10 min to work bounce to HS on bands or Handstand Holds.

B. 4 sets of:

10yd HS Walk

20 Russian Twists- weighted

10 Single Leg Box Jumps (each leg)

C. 2 min Plank Holds with rock

2 min max T2B

D. Mobility work- as needed.


Swim WOD

A. Side planks- on kick board :30 sec right side, palm on head, elbow pointed to ceiling (use kick board for support under elbow on deck) then sprint 25m kick with your board and get out and hold plank :30 sec left side. X 8 Sets.

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