12/01/10 WOD

Battered but not broken!



AMRAP in 20 min of:

10 Wall Ball- 20m/14w (10ft)

10 Sit-ups

10 Slam Balls- 30m/20w


MOBILITY WOD– 11/07/10 post


Posted on: November 30, 2010admin

6 thoughts on “12/01/10 WOD

  1. Mike,

    NICE muscle UP dudue! It’s hard to stay away isn’t it? I think all us xfitters are a bit OCD, Type A or just plain crazy! Maybe Lindsay spikes the chalk?? Good for you for sticking with doing what you can. I’ll bet it makes you absoultely NUTS not being able to do a burpee eh?

  2. Good on ya Mike! Very impressive! I have a feeling that if you keep it up, you’ll be the new muscleup champ. Watch out Gary, he’s coming for ya 😉

  3. Death by muscle ups 3x per week, and death by rope climbs 3x per week, that’s your prescribed rehab. Don’t worry Mike you would have hated yesterdays WOD anyway, it was all running:)

  4. This one was a little rough, but good. I don’t think people realize that a slam ball takes EXACTLY the same ROM as a wall ball. You’re just throwing the ball in the opposite direction.

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