1/20/14 WOD


A couple of questions or concerns I have overheard that I need to address.

-Classes at CFTC are too crowded.
Here is the problem, when I have an open schedule and let people come to class when their schedule works, you can often run into some classes being over crowded. The fix for this problem would be go to a sign up only schedule for class times and when the classes hit their limits you will have to find another time to come. I can do whichever works, but I would like to keep it as convenient as possible for everyone.

-Why do I separate groups function/drive.
Through the years I have always had a problem trying to make people properly perform more complicated movement when they don’t even have the ability to do the basics. The purpose behind the change would be to learn the slow lifts (basics), back squat, deadlift, front squat and pressing, and as the ability increases, so does the training. In a perfect world I would never even put a bar on anyone’s back or do bench press when they can’t even do a perfect air squat or push-up. If your foundation is built on sand and not solid rock you’re begging for some kind of injury or will never make any progress.

-The second question I always get is: should I do function or drive?
Here is what I tell them: can you Rx all the movements on function with full range of motion? If you can, it’s time to step it up and learn something new. You don’t have to know how to do muscle-ups in drive but you do need to be able to do strict pull-ups and dips.
Nothing is perfect but I promise everyone I will program what I think will help make each of us better. If you don’t like my style we live in an area with lots of options, try another gym.


A. 5×4 Back Squat @80%-rest 90 sec.

B1. 3×10-12 GH Raises- rest 60 sec.

B2. 3 x ME Hanging Leg Raises- rest 60 sec.

C. For Time:






Today starts the day for prepping for the Crossfit open, in 30 days and counting. Workouts may take longer then an hour so be prepared.

A. 10 min to establish a 2RM Hang Snatch

B. EMOM for 5:00

2 Hang Snatch @85% of max from A.

C1. 3xME UB T2B- rest 90 sec.

C2. 3×20 (steps) Front Rack walking lunges (no stopping to gather feet, as heavy as possible)- rest 90 sec.

D. For Time

30 OHS-95/65

30 Bar Facing Burpees

20 OHS-115/85

20 Bar Facing Burpees

10 OHS-135/95

10 Bar Facing Burpees

20 Muscle-ups


30 days Games mode! Will be posted on whiteboard.

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10 thoughts on “1/20/14 WOD

  1. I like the class schedule as it is. The signup system would not work with my life. I generally have a set time that I can come to class. My family and schedule often messes with that. If a class was full I would probably not be able to reschedule at another time. Also, if I had signed up for a time and another obligation came up(they do often- dang children !) I would then not show and have take a spot someone else could have used.

    I come at one of the busiest hours of the day- with function and drive in different programming it works out. We share and work around each other.

    Function and Drive- at first it felt like a total demotion. However, the programming has been great! I struggle in most areas of Crossfit so having more emphasis on certain things has helped me. I have also seen huge gains in other people that have been able to do the drive workouts.

    I believe that Lindsay’s programming is the best in the area for a multitude of varying ability athletes.

  2. I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. (Try)

    My problem isn’t specifically with too many people in the classes, or specifically with multiple WOD’s. My problem is more with a lack of trainers per people, per WOD(‘s). In other words, I don’t think it’s effective to have more than about 15 people to one trainer. And I feel one trainer running a class of 40+ people doing two different WOD’s is about the most chaotic and ineffective training I’ve seen. Also, no offense to any of the trainers because I personally like each and every one, but sometimes they get lost in the crowds. Everyone starts doing their own thing and there’s really no control. I can hardly hear them talking about the workout and I often end up just doing the WOD on my own.

    I’ve traveled a lot for work and I’ve been to several Crossfit boxes. Some were amazing, and some were just okay. I think Lindsay’s programming is only as good as the effort put into it, and the trainers ability to keep structure during classes. With that being said, I need to say that what I’ve always loved about crossfit was it’s ability to push me past the level I was willing to push myself. This type of programming, coupled with crowded classes without structure, I’ve lost the push that I need from Crossfit, therefore making this type of programming less effective for me in the current class structure (lack of).

    I’m really disappointed in the attitude given at the bottom of the paragraph. We pay with hard earned money and have every right to express concern with the current path the club is venturing. I hoped when the new gym owners took over Crossfit, this wouldn’t happen.

    I really like everyone at the club, but I do need more structure to be productive in my workouts. It’s true that’s not the case for everyone, but I need to do what’s best for me.

  3. Lindsay Keep it up! I normally go at 6:00 and it is always busy but I have never felt like if I had a question on form or the WOD that I couldn’t get help.. In fact I like being able to hide my poor form and lack of drive in with the masses! there is no prefect scenario or programming that will fit everyone, I like how it is and enjoy the friendship that I have made with the other members and trainers. I don’t need someone cheering in my ear as I swing the plastic kettle bell and prance around the track. For those of us that have been doing CF for a while we know the lifts (regardless of if we choose to do them right all the time) and don’t need a trainer to hover over us and exude daily affirmations of my progress. The group environment drives competition, which I like because it pushes me, but for the majority of us it is personal progress that motivates us. It should be a trainer’s job to affirm that. The function/ drive programming allows new members to not be intimated by muscle ups and other movements or increased weight that come with time by giving a foundation building starting point. Having been doing function as I rehab my shoulder I have thought the trainers have been very attentive, especially to function?
    I know you don’t need anyone to defend you, you’re a big ol boy, just remember
    Maybe you should stock Summers Eve instead of coconut water it would clear up the problem

    Keep it up! That’s all! I am off the eat a chocolate chocolate doughnut, Its paleo right?

  4. I say just get rid of Strength…problem solved. How am I supposed to nail my 37# squat cleans with the likes of stronger/better looking athletes looking on in disgust and then snickering as they walk away?? You think your one armed muscle ups impress me, Chase?! You think your no handed, no legged burpees are going to mean a single thing come 2014 Open time?

    No to class sign ups. I don’t need another step between me and burpees. I simply won’t sign up and will blame it on the sign up process. Also, I don’t mind the “crowds” because I say the more the merrier. Why wouldn’t I want people to experience the positive physicial, social and psychological changes that come with participating in CrossFit? I’ve found it’s way less crowded when I simply kick someone else’s wall ball out of the spot I want to use. Simple fix. Oh, and thanks to the person who kindly seem to always place my kettlebell in the exact spot I intended!

    On a serious note. I’m lucky to rub shoulders with our great Coaches and the great people of CFTC. Be it the 6am (6:04) regulars I get the chance to workout with, or those in other classes who take time to say hi and trade WOD storieswith…we all become better by being around each other. I know I do…

    I have only ONE request that Diggler was too afraid to post since he’s so shy on these forums, so I’m simply asking on my buddy’s behalf (I know I’ll pay for when I see Lindsay tomorrow…but I’m not afraid of boys with girls names, SO…) PLEASE post the WODs earlier in the evening?? I know the days are long and there is method to the madness, so do what you can. I’m sure one of us would be happy to help if it meant Diggler didn’t have to lay in bed and hit ‘refresh’ on his phone until it’s posted…

    I’m coming for you, Chase! #CrossFitOpen2014

  5. Nicely said lyndsie…. You can not please everyone, lots of other options out there!! Your programming and the trainers that come with it are some of the best out there… So proud to rep crossfit the club!!

  6. I have been working out at CFTC for a year now. After destroying my ACL, MCL, PCL and more, i had not regularly worked out for over 13 years. I had been extremely focused on everything else except my health. With a stressful career and traveling a lot for work, my weight, stress level, blood pressure and cholesterol were all too high. Thanks to some great friends encouragement, I finally bit the bullet and committed to trying CF at the club for three months. I have loved it and it has changed me a lot so far. Lindsay and the other trainers are outstanding. Never have I felt ignored or that I couldn’t get help. Quite the opposite actually. They all do a great job to explain all movements and workouts. They are always willing to give me or anyone as much time and attention as we need – as well as pushing us to work hard and get better.

    Awesome trainers, great facility, incredible friends, plenty of class times to chose from, no complaints.

    I have two suggestions. Play Country music and post the workouts earlier. I know some people may WOD pick or whatever by seeing the workout early. That is their loss if they want to waste money and pay to not go workout. For me, i just want to know to get kind of pumped up for it or search on youtube if it is a workout or movement i am not familiar with. I have work conflicts once or twice a week, plus times i am out of town for work – that doesn’t allow me to be picky.

    Thanks Lindsay and all those of you that make this a great experience for me. Just remember, country music and earlier workouts posted! 🙂

  7. Being a part of cftc since pretty much the beginning, I just have to say how happy it makes me to see the crowded classes!! I remember when they weren’t crowded, and Lindsay had to work nights selling Twinkies just to provide for his family. I LOVE walking in and seeing tons a people! It makes me smile 🙂 Good job Lindsay, you’re clearly doing something right!!

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