12/05/11 WOD


Our new Crossfit Lite classes are going very good, every single one of these ladies did not think they could do crossfit because of their age or injuries, now look at these strong crossfitter’s!  Anyone that knows someone that would be interested in crossfit lite the class times are Mon/Tues/Thurs- 6am and Mon/Wed/Fri- 5pm, tell them to start their New Years Resolutions early!



A.  Push Jerk- 5 x 3, build to your heaviest triple; rest as needed

B.  DB Floor Press- 3 x max reps < 20 reps per set

C.  Cleans on the minute @ 90% x 2 reps/minute x 6 minutes

D.  BB Russian Twist- 100 reps, heavy as possible, break up as needed.

*Score your heaviest push jerk


CROSSFIT ENDURANCE- meet in the spin room at 6am.


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3 thoughts on “12/05/11 WOD

    1. I’ve been through several ropes, and none felt quite right. Finally I picked myself
      up a Jumping Jimmy rope, and the world makes sense again. Thanks James… I owe you one!

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