12/09/10 WOD

There have been a lot of people asking to do a diet challenge.  First of all,  I hate the word diet.  I would prefer to use clean eating challenge.  We will officially start the clean eating challenge right after the holidays are over, perfect for those New Year Resolutions!  In the mean time don’t get too out of control on your eating during the holidays.


Bench Press- 135m/65w

As many sets of 5 reps as possible in 3 min.  Must rack the weight after each set.

*Rest 2 minutes

AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

12 Hang Power Snatch- 115m/75w

9 Burpee Broad Jumps

15 Double Unders

MOBILITY WOD- 5 Way Shoulder, Couch Stretch

12/08/10 WOD Results

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3 thoughts on “12/09/10 WOD

  1. OK – Keylee and I are in for the New Year’s Day Throwdown Competition. Thanks Brody and Chase for helping me convince my wife to do it. Odd that she believes two guys she does not know very well and not her own husband, but we will call it a win. Yes, we will probably be the slowest couple there, but hey – I cannot think of a better couple to earn that title!

  2. YES!!! Very nice to hear!!! It’s all for fun and going to be a blast. And what’s this slowest couple crap? I’ve seen you two perform incredibly strong in the wee hours of the 6:00am. That’s no easy task. You WILL kill it!

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