1/21/14 WOD


We are 2 weeks away from the Wild West Throwdown here at the club.  Currently we have one group from CFTC registered for the comp, we need more!  We have far to many strong males and females to not sign-up and put your skills to the test.


A.  3 sets, not for time of:

Kipping HSPU (practice)- up to 10 reps

Double Under (practice)- up to 40-50 reps

Stable Bar Dips x 6-8 reps

B1.  For Time:

100/80 AD Cals (100 cals men/ 80 cals women)

25 Burpees

-when clock reaches 6:00

B2.  3 Rounds for time of:

12 Push Press- LI- 95/65, LII-115/85

12 T2B

-when clock hits 12:00 min

B3.  3 Rounds for time of:

20 OH Walking Lunges (steps)-45/25

10 Box Jumps- LI-24/20, LII-30/24

-when clock reaches 18:00

B4.  For Time:

100/80 AD Cals

25 Burpees

*Score- times for each B1,B2,B3,B4



A.  10 min to establish a 2RM Hang Clean + 1 Jerk (after 2nd clean)

B.  EMOM for 5:00

2 Hang Cleans + 1 Jerk @ 80% from max from A.

C1.  4 x 2 Muscle-ups + ME Ring Dips- rest 90 sec.

*perfrom 2 muscle-ups then max effort ring dips after second muscle-up.

C2.  Back Squat- 1×8@70%, 2×8@75%, 1×5@80%- rest 90 sec.

D.  2 sets of:

Row 2K

-rest walk 5 min

Score- A=2RM Hang Clean + Jerk. D= each 2K row

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