12/15/10 WOD

Some very impressive deadlifts yesterday- Darce- 545lbs, Dirk- 515lbs.  Wasn’t able to get a pic of Celeste R. who had a 365lb deadlift.  Strong work today everyone!



“Dating Sage”

5 Rounds for time of:

10 Snatch- 95m/65w

15 Pull-ups

20 Thrusters- 75m/55w


*Because this workout requires two bars we may have to make some adjustments to the weight or go in two groups.


MOBILITY WOD– 11/06/10 post


12/14/10 WOD Results



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10 thoughts on “12/15/10 WOD

  1. Lindsay, did my dad really do that for a total. Do any witnesses want to chime in here. Cause I’ll be pissed if his back squat and press are stronger than mine:)

  2. Kade – I was there and saw the whole asswhoopin workout!!! He is a beast!!! Shoulder press-solid. Deadlift – awesome. Squat – the entire 4 inch drop to below verticle was there!!!

    Nice work “Old Man Strength” Boyer. Keep doin what your doin Kurt!!! You are true inspiration to all of us getting close to that “Old Man” area.


  3. Old? I would barely say old, although he does have that grumpy old man attitude when he first walks through the door, but who can call a man who wears a gold chain to the gym old? P.S. I hope Kurt doesn’t read this as I would fear for my life.
    For the record, Kurt is truly an inspiration to me personally, I’m so glad he comes to be part of our community.

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