12/16/13 WOD


We will be adding new Adult Parisi Speed Classes at 6am and 5:30pm on Monday’s and Fridays.  Sprinting is the highest velocity that the human body can move and because of this, it provides a tremendous stimulus to the body.  Have you ever seen a high level sprinter, you know that they are thickly muscled through the lower body, shoulders and back, while being absolutely shredded.  The high velocity and whole body nature of sprinting is great to recruit fast twitch muscle fibers and provide a powerful fat burning effect.


A.  10×5 Back Squats@60% of 1rm- rest exactly 45 sec.

B1.  3 x 5 ME Box Jumps (step down)- try and go higher then last week, all jumps should be max effort; rest 60 sec.

B2.  3 x 8 Strict Tempo GH Raises (3 count down, no pause, 3 count up); rest 60 sec.

C.  7 Rounds for total time of:

Row 250m

14 Lateral Box Jumps-20/16″

7 Hang Power Cleans- LI-115/75, LII-135/95

*rest 1:1


A.  12 min to build to a heavy 3-position Snatch (floor,hang, hip)- let feel dictate load, if you feel good, shot for a new PR, if you feel slow, work lower weight for speed and mechanics.

B1.  4 x 5 Snatch Grip RDL + 5 Snatch Hi-Pulls- rest 60 sec.

B2.  4 x 5 Behind the neck Push Press- rest 60 sec.

C.  7 Rounds for total time of:

Row 250m

14 Lateral Box Jumps-20″

7 Hang Power Cleans- LI-155/105, LII-175/120

*rest 1:1


Alactic Power- speed training

Maximal Strength

A.  12×3 Power Clean@60%- rest exactly 45 sec.

B.  4 x 10 Back Squat@60%- on last set, go for as many reps as possible.  (no oly shoes, no knee sleeves)

C.  Military Press- 55,65,75 x 5- rest as needed.

D1.  3 x 12-15 DB Bentover Row- heaviest possible; rest 60 sec.

D2.  3 x 12-15 Clean Grip RDL’s- heaviest possible; rest 60 sec.


A1.  2 x 10 KB Straight Leg Sit-up and Press; rest 60 sec.

A2.  2 x 10 Strict T2B; rest 60 sec.



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