12/18/13 WOD


Happy Birthday to an incredible person! Sherrie has been with us for a long time as both an athlete and a trainer, and we truly appreciate all she has done. If you see her today, be sure to give her a BIG birthday hug… Make sure it’s after the WOD because she really enjoys sweaty hugs.

A. 4 rounds-every 3 min, perform the following
400m run (2 1/2 laps)
Then, rest 3 min
B. For Time:
100 Wall Ball-20/15 (10/9′)
75 KBS-53/35
50 V-ups
25 Burpees

A. 10 min to establish a 3RM UB Power Clean (touch & go)
B1. 4×5 Clean grip RDL’s + 5 clean pulls (from hips) heaviest possible-rest 60 sec
B2. 4×5 double handed KB bentover row-heaviest possible; rest 60 sec
C. For time:
20 push press-135/95
12 muscle-ups
20 reverse lunges (front rack)-135/95
20 push jerk-135/95
9 muscle-ups
20 split jerks-135/95
6 muscle-ups
20 reverse lunges (front rack)-135/95

Games simulation
A. For time:
3 rounds of:
30 double unders
10 OHS-135/95
Then (no rest)
B. 3 rounds of:
10 Deficit HSPU-6″/4″
40′ Prowler Push-385/275

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