12/19/13 WOD



A. For Time:

Row 1000m

*rest 3 min

B. 10 Rounds of:

Row 250m

*rest 60 sec b/t efforts

-rest 3 min

C. Run 800m

-notes- those in the function group it would be good to make an effort to attend Olympic lift (6:15pm) and or gymnastics (5:15pm)


A. 10 rounds of:

-every 2 minutes, perform the following:

20 Cals on AD

B. 100 sit-ups for time

-notes- those that are in the drive group and struggle with gymnastics (muscle-ups, pull-ups, HSPU etc..) should make an effort to attend sheena’s gymnastics class (5:15pm)


– Go to Sheena’s Gymnastics or on your own complete:

A. 3 rounds of:

10 Hip Shoot Throughs on parallets
-finish w/ feet on box

5 Strict Chin pullovers

B. 5 rounds for time of:

:30 freestanding HS Holds

20 Mtn climbers

5 candlestick roll to high jump

C. 7 sets @80%

30 sec Bear Crawl

1 min AD Cals

1 min Run

1 min Jump Rope (singles)

1 min Row

30 sec HS Hold


10 minutes mobility work (supple leopard)

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