12/21/11 WOD


What is your post workout recovery drink? Most people drink a protein of some kind, not Mindi diet coke is her recovery!

3 rounds of:
8 TnG dead lifts- heavy as possible
20 cal row
*rest 3 min

3 rounds of:
8 Hang power snatch- heavy as possible
155 m Farmers carry- heavy
*rest 3 min

3 rounds of:
10 KBS-70/53
30 Anchored sit-ups- hands on temples
Run 155 m
*rest 3 min

Friday- regular schedule (12 days of Christmas WOD)
Saturday- only 1 class at 8:30am
Monday- there will be no classes, enjoy your day off.

12/20/11 WOD Results


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5 thoughts on “12/21/11 WOD

  1. Lindsay, awesome programming this week – the WODs have been killer! I love the mix of strength and cardio. Thanks for all your hard work in kicking our butts each day!

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