12/21/13 WOD

You gotta be flexible too!


A. In teams of 2 complete the following for time:

50 Patner Med Ball Sit-ups

200 Double Unders

50 T2B

155m OH Walking Lunge-45/25 (1 lap around track)

50 GHD Wall Ball Sit-ups 15/10 (8′)

100 Burpees (in 10 rep increments)

50 Partner Med Ball Sit-ups

-notes- partner med ball sit-ups athletes will sit facing each other locking legs, one partner does sit-up and tosses to other partner until 50 reps are completed. GHD wall ball sit-ups will be with GHD facing wall athlete will touch ball on ground and explode up and shoot to 8′ target.


Invictus Online Comp

Event 7- take 20 min and build to a 1RM Snatch
-when clock hits 20:00 begin event 8

Event 8
For Time

20 Deaflifts-315/215

40 Pull-ups

80 Double Unders

20 Cleans-225/145

40 Pull-ups

80 Double Unders

20 Snatches-135/95

40 Pull-ups

80 Double Unders

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