1/22/14 WOD

WOD Results 012114

We need more people to post their results, we easily have over a 100 people that come through crossfit each day and these are the ones that post their results.  I am going to have to use bribery to get people to post.  I want to know progress!  I will start to pick a person at the end of each week that does what they are supposed to and posts their results, from PR’s to new accomplishments, to just posting.  3,2,1 go!


A.  15 min to practice OHS/OHS mobility.

B.  6 Rounds of:

-Every 3 min, perform 400m Sprint (2 1/2 laps)

C.  3 sets, not for time of:

15 Med Ball GHD Sit-ups; rest 20 sec.

155m Farmers Carry (1 lap)- heavy

*Score- times for each 400m Sprint



A.  8 min to work to a heavy TnG Power Snatch

B.  3 x ME TnG Power Snatch @80% of max from A.

C1.  3 x 3 Strict Press + 5 Push Press- heaviest possible- rest 90 sec.

C2.  3 x 10 Reverse Hypers- very heavy- rest 90 sec.

D.  3 Round for times of:

10 Front Squat- LI-185/115, LII- 205/135

50 Double Unders

15 C2B Pull-ups

*score- A= heaviest TnG Power Snatch, D= time and weight used




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  1. That photo was taken before I put my second 2000 time (8:00) and Rick Fennel posted his score. So, although it was still lightly posted, there were more on there by the end.

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