12/22/10 WOD

Chirs Henry, one of the best crossfitter we have at CFTC will be leaving us this month to go and serve our country.  Chris has went from a weight room meat head, to one of the best we have had.  Keep up the hard work Chris and you will continue with that success in the future.   I know we did a Hero’s workout yesterday with very similar movements, but I promised Chris we could send him off with “Fran”.  So suck it up and come to enjoy the numbness and tingling sensations that no other workout could do but Fran!





Thrusters- 95m/65w



MOBILITY WOD– 12/17/10 post


12/21/10 WOD Results


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15 thoughts on “12/22/10 WOD

  1. Hey Chris, Tory and I wish you the best of luck. It has been alot of fun working out with ya. Keep up the strong work…and make sure you kick Frans fannie!!

  2. Henry! Good luck, you will be missed! (PS i really thought your name was Henry until just recently someone said.. No it’s Chris Henry! Ha ha!)

  3. All the very best to you Chris! I’m bummed I can not be there to do Fran today in honour of your impending departure. You are such a terrific presence, and I will certainly miss your encouragement. I hope that your new adventure is full with joy and good fortune.


  4. Good luck buddy, it’s been a pleasure to work out with you, you’ve got the mentality to succeed in what you’re going to do, good luck I truly respect you.

  5. Chris, you will surely be missed in O-lifting class. It will not be the same without you there to encourage everyone, and show us how it’s done. Much respect and best of luck!

  6. Chris, I think we will all miss your energy and encouragement! You are an incredible athlete…keep up the strong work! Best of luck from the both of us 🙂

  7. Chris, thanks for the workout memories. You became one of the best and that work ethic will push you through in the Air force. Best of Luck. Blake & Jacie

  8. Good luck and stay safe Chris! You go show those wimpy Air Force guys a thing or two! You are am amazing crossfitter and a real sweetheart! We’ll miss you!

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